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The Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter has been published continuously for 21 years now, and it is still going strong! We get incredible feedback from many photographers who appreciate the clear explanations provided in each answer to a question from a photographer about Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, photography, and more.

If you'd like to show your support for the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter, here are some options you might want to consider:

New Course: "Tim Talks Weekly"

We have launched a new course to coincide with the anniversary of the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter, with a new video each week featuring Tim providing tips, techniques, opinions, and more.

The first episode provides a demonstration of how you can create your own custom adaptive presets in Adobe Lightroom Classic 12. Upcoming episodes will cover "Adobe Bridge versus Lightroom Classic", "What the Heck is Color?!", and much more.

As part of the celebration of the 21st anniversary of the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter you can get the new "Tim Talks Weekly" course at half price. Or you can pay full price to show your gratitude for the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter. Here are the links to use:

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Buy Me a Coffee

Another option to show your support of the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter is to buy Tim a coffee. You can even include a comment with your contribution with a question you'd like to see covered in the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter. For all the details visit Tim's "Buy Me a Coffee" page here:

Free (or not) eBook: Behind the Answers

Last year Tim published an ebook to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter. If you didn't get a copy of this eBook it is still available. You can get the eBook for free, pay half price, or pay full price. Details and coupon codes can be found here: