20 Years of "Ask Tim Grey"!

77 Pages. 38 Anecdotes. 20 Years in the Making.

November 1, 2021 marks twenty years since Tim Grey first started publication of the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter. To commemorate this significant milestone, Tim has written an eBook reflecting on his twenty years answering questions from photographers. The book highlights some of the most amusing, interesting, frustrating, unexpected, and funny moments along the way.

Stories include:

  • How the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter originally got started, and what the expectations were.
  • The favorite (and least favorite) questions Tim has received over the years.
  • Technical and logistical challenges that had to be overcome.
  • How the questions have changed over time.
  • Ways readers have helped improve the newsletter.
  • And much more...

Get it Free! (Or Show Your Appreciation)

The list price of this eBook, which is twenty years in the making, is $20. If you'd like to show your appreciation for the effort Tim Grey has made (and continues to make) in producing the free Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter, you can purchase the eBook at full price. If you choose this option, please know that Tim greatly appreciates your support.

If you'd prefer to get the book at half price, you can use coupon code ATGHalf at checkout to have a 50% discount applied. Just be sure to click the "Apply" button after entering your coupon code to make sure the discount is applied before purchasing.

If you are interested in reading this eBook but prefer not to purchase a copy, you can use coupon code ATGFree at checkout to apply a 100% discount. Just be sure to click the "Apply" button after entering your coupon code to make sure the discount is applied before purchasing.

Thank You!

Whether you choose to purchase this eBook at full price, at half price, or get it for free, I hope you enjoy reading the book. Thank you to all of the photographers who have supported Tim Grey over the years, including by welcoming his email newsletter into their email inboxes each weekday morning.