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The "Tim Talks Weekly" course has been launched in conjunction of the 21st anniversary of the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter, and features a new episode every week in which Tim provides tips, techniques, opinions, and more.

The first episode provides a demonstration of how you can create your own custom adaptive presets in Adobe Lightroom Classic 12. Upcoming episodes will cover "Adobe Bridge versus Lightroom Classic", "What the Heck is Color?!", and much, much more.

Course curriculum

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    2022 Episodes

    • 0006 - Subfolder Confusion

    • 0005 - When an Inch Isn't an Inch in Photoshop

    • 0004 - Color Labels Gone Wild

    • 0003 - Strong Color Cast Correction in Photoshop

    • 0002 - Adobe Bridge versus Lightroom Classic

    • 0001 - Adaptive Presets in Lightroom Classic 12