The Power of PhotoPills

Live Online Event
Wednesday, June 21, 2023
1pm to 5pm Eastern Time

Join Tim Grey for a half day of live online presentations during a GreyLearning Ultimate Event focused on "The Power of PhotoPills".

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How to Watch

The live online presentation will stream right here within the "GreyLearning Ultimate Event: The Power of PhotoPills (June 2023)" course. To watch the live presentation simply sign in on the GreyLearning website, and then go to the "My Dashboard" page to find this course. You can also follow this link to go directly to the course after signing in, clicking the "Resume Course" button to view the presentations:

Presentation Topics

  • Why You Need the PhotoPills Mobile App
  • Determining Equivalent Exposure Settings
  • Calculating Depth of Field
  • Understanding Hyperfocal Distance
  • Sun and Moon Details
  • Advanced Photo Planning
  • Establishing the Size of Sun or Moon
  • Photographing the Night Sky

Most photographers understand that planning can help them improve various aspects of their planning. What many photographers might not realize is that a remarkably powerful tool for planning many aspects of photography is available for smartphones and other mobile devices.

This GreyLearning Ultimate Event on "The Power of PhotoPills" will teach you how to use some of the many powerful features of the PhotoPills app, available for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

The live online event will kick off on Wednesday, June 21th, at 1:00pm Eastern Time (10am Pacific Time), and will conclude at about 5pm Eastern Time (2pm Pacific Time). Recordings of all sessions will be available to those who are registered for the event.

Presentation Details

Tim Grey will share tips and techniques to help you make the most of the powerful PhotoPills app for mobile devices. The event will include presentations on the following topics:

Why You Need the PhotoPills Mobile App: The PhotoPills app is comprehensive and powerful, which might make it seem a little overwhelming or confusing. In this presentation you'll get a detailed overview of some of the capabilities of PhotoPills, which may very likely convince you that this app would be a great addition to your photography.

Determining Equivalent Exposure Settings: One of the more basic yet helpful features of PhotoPills is the ability to calculate equivalent exposures based on a known good exposure. As you'll see in this presentation, this feature can be especially helpful when you want to use a solid neutral density filter to get a longer exposure.

Calculating Depth of Field: Depth of field is fundamental to photography, and yet it is a subject many photographers struggle with. Fortunately, the PhotoPills app makes it easy to calculate depth of field for specific camera gear and situations. This presentation will help you understand how much depth of field you'll achieve with given settings and also determine which settings will give you just the depth of field you want.

Understanding Hyperfocal Distance: Many photographers misunderstand the basic concept of hyperfocal distance, and how to use this attribute to achieve maximum depth of field. In this presentation you'll gain insights into hyperfocal distance, and better understand the limitations when it comes to maximizing depth of field.

Sun and Moon Details: Including the sun or moon in the frame can add interest to a photo, and knowing the details about the sun and the moon can also affect other aspects of your photography. This presentation will show you the considerable detail you can learn about the sun and the moon within the PhotoPills app.

Advanced Photo Planning: Going beyond just knowing when and in what direction the sun or moon might rise or set, you can also plan specific details of the position of the sun or moon in the sky or relatively to a foreground subject. This presentation will help you master some of the most advanced features of PhotoPills for planning photography around the sun and moon.

Establishing the Size of the Sun or Moon: Using a lens with a long focal length will obviously enable you to enlarge a subject in the frame, but how can you make the sun or moon larger relative to a foreground scene, such as making the moon appear larger next to a building you're photographing? This insightful presentation will show you how it is possible to adjust camera gear and your position for the specific goal of adjusting relative subject sizes.

Photographing the Night Sky: The PhotoPills app includes a variety of features that help you plan for different aspects of night sky photography, from planning for the Milky Way to calculating exposure times for star trails. This presentation will provide an overview of these features in PhotoPills to help you make the most of night sky photography.