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Photoshop for Photographers Bundle

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Master the Use of Photoshop to Truly Optimize Your Photos

Learn to Truly Master Adobe Photoshop

The "Photoshop for Photographers" Bundle is designed to provide you with everything you need to truly optimize your photos in Adobe Photoshop with confidence. 

Have you ever felt intimidated or overwhelmed by Photoshop?

Do you struggle within knowing how to get started with a photo?

Would you like to feel confident in your ability to optimize your photos?

This bundle of video courses on Photoshop, taught by highly respected photographer and educator Tim Grey, will help! You'll be guided through all of the features photographers need to know about within Photoshop. You'll get clear explanations so you understand not just what to do, but why you're doing it and how it works. And you'll develop an approach to truly making the most of your photographic images.

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What's Included

This video training bundle is packed with great content to help you make the most of your photographic images. The video courses included in this bundle are:

  • Understanding and Configuring Photoshop (3 Hours 21 Minutes)
  • Optimizing with Adobe Camera Raw (2 Hours)
  • Photoshop Adjustment Basics (1 Hour 24 Minutes)
  • Mastering Selections in Photoshop (3 Hours 18 Minutes)
  • Targeted Adjustments in Photoshop (2 Hours 14 Minutes)
  • Image Cleanup in Photoshop (2 Hours 36 Minutes)
  • Creating Composite Images in Photoshop (2 Hours 36 Minutes)
  • Photoshop Quick Tips (A New Tip Added Weekly)
  • And additional courses as they are produced!

That's over 17 hours of educational video content to help you truly master Adobe Photoshop! In addition, you will have access to special bonus content that will be added to the bundle from time to time.

Exclusive Webinars

To help you truly maximize your Photoshop mastery, all photographers who enroll in the "Photoshop for Photographers" bundle will be invited to exclusive live webinar presentations. The recordings of those webinars will be added to the bundle so you can review them at any time.

Outline of Courses

Here is an outline of the lessons included as part of the "Photoshop for Photographers" bundle:

Understanding and Configuring Photoshop

  • Chapter 1 - Getting Started
    • What is Photoshop?
    • Opening an Image in Photoshop
    • Opening an Image from Bridge
    • Opening an Image from Lightroom
    • Creating a New Image
    • Choosing Tools
    • The Options Bar
  • Chapter 2 - Configuring Photoshop
    • Settings for Color Management
    • General Preferences
    • Interface Preferences
    • Workspace Preferences
    • Tools Preferences
    • History Log Preferences
    • File Handling Preferences
    • Export Preferences
    • Performance Preferences
    • Scratch Disks Preferences
    • Cursors Preferences
    • Transparency & Gamut Preferences
    • Units & Rulers Preferences
    • Guides, Grid & Slices Preferences
    • Plug-Ins Preferences
    • Type Preferences
    • 3D Preferences
    • Technology Previews Preferences
    • Camera Raw Settings
  • Chapter 3 - Interface Settings
    • Application Frame on Macintosh
    • Screen Mode Options
    • Choosing a Workspace
    • Configuring Panels
    • Setting Panel Options
    • Saving a Workspace
    • Status Bar Options
    • Using Rulers
    • Working with Guides
    • Showing "Extras"
    • Arranging Open Images
    • Zooming and Panning

Optimizing with Adobe Camera Raw 

  • Chapter 1 - Basic Concepts
    • What is a RAW Capture?
    • What is Adobe Camera Raw?
    • Camera Raw Preferences
    • Updating Adobe Camera Raw
    • Before and After Views
    • Resetting Adjustments
  • Chapter 2 - Basic Adjustments
    • Overall Tonal Adjustments
    • White Balance Adjustment
    • Improving Clarity
    • Vibrance and Saturation
    • The Tone Curve
    • Reducing Haze
  • Chapter 3 - Corrective Adjustments
    • Image Rotation
    • Advanced Color with HSL
    • Sharpening
    • Noise Reduction
    • Removing Color Fringing
    • Lens Profile Corrections
    • Perspective Correction
  • Chapter 4 - Wrapping Up
    • What Was Left Out
    • Workflow Options
    • Processing Options
    • Processing Multiple Photos
    • Saving the Master Image
    • Camera Raw as a Filter

Photoshop Adjustment Basics 

  • Chapter 1 - Basic Concepts
    • Introduction to Adjustment Layers
    • RAW Processing Overview
    • "Master Image" Workflow
    • Undo and Reset
  • Chapter 2 - Tonal Adjustments
    • Brightness/Contrast
    • Adjusting Tone with Levels
    • Curves for Tone
    • Dodging and Burning
  • Chapter 3 - Color Adjustments
    • Color Balance
    • Adding Color with a Photo Filter
    • Boosting Color with Vibrance
    • Fine-Tuning with Hue/Saturation
    • Curves for Color
  • Chapter 4 - Creative Adjustments
    • Basic Black & White
    • Creativity with a Gradient Map

Mastering Selections in Photoshop

  • Chapter 1 - Concepts for Selections
    • What is a Selection?
    • How Will Selections be Used?
    • Anti-Aliasing and Selections
    • The Case for NOT Feathering Selections
    • Understanding the Selection Outline
    • Configuring your Mouse
  • Chapter 2 - Basics of Working with Selections
    • Selecting All Pixels
    • Adding, Subtracting, and Intersecting
    • Inverting a Selection
    • Using Deselect and Reselect
    • Hiding the Selection Outline
    • Saving and Loading Selections
  • Chapter 3 - Selection Tools
    • The Rectangular Marquee Tool
    • Single Row or Column Selections
    • The Elliptical Marquee Tool
    • The Lasso Tool
    • The Polygonal Lasso Tool
    • The Magnetic Lasso Tool
    • The Quick Selection Tool
    • The Magic Wand Tool
    • The Pen Tool
    • Mixing and Matching Selection Tools
  • Chapter 4 - Selection Techniques
    • Selecting Based on Opacity
    • Typical Selection Technique
    • The Color Range Command
    • Focusing a Color Range Selection
    • Selecting Faces with Color Range
    • Selecting by Focus
    • Selecting by Luminosity
    • Selecting from a Channel
  • Chapter 5 - Modifying Selections
    • Using Grow and Similar
    • Smoothing a Selection
    • Feathering a Selection
    • Inverting a Selection
    • Transforming a Selection
    • Using Quick Mask Mode
    • Selecting the Border of a Selection
    • Expanding or Contracting a Selection
    • Using Select and Mask Mode

Targeted Adjustments in Photoshop

  • Chapter 1 - Basic Concepts
    • Key Concepts
    • Balancing Subtlety and Accuracy
    • Black, White, and Gray on a Mask
    • Layer Mask Density
    • Setting Realistic Expectations
  • Chapter 2 - Targeted Adjustments without a Mask
    • Targeted Color without a Mask
    • Shadows/Highlights Adjustment
    • The Curves Adjustment
    • Dodging and Burning
  • Chapter 3 - Layer Mask Techniques
    • Painting in an Adjustment
    • Shades of Gray on a Mask
    • A Simple Selection-Based Adjustment
    • Inverting a Mask
    • The Best Approach for Feathering
    • Creating a Gradient Mask
    • Duplicating a Mask
    • Multiple Adjustments in One Area
    • Working with Multiple Adjustment Masks
  • Chapter 4 - Improving Your Masks
    • Evaluating the Layer Mask
    • Basic Mask Refinement
    • Intro to Selection and Mask Mode
    • Fine-Tuning with Selection and Mask Mode
    • Dust and Scratches for Mask Cleanup
    • Mixing and Matching Methods
    • Challenge of Duplicating and Inverting
    • Dodging and Burning a Mask
    • Working on a Difficult Mask

Image Cleanup in Photoshop

  • Chapter 1 - Basic Concepts
    • Cleanup Concepts
    • Non-Destructive Workflow
    • When to Use Camera Raw
  • Chapter 2 - Cleanup Tools and Techniques
    • The Clone Stamp Tool
    • The Healing Brush Tool
    • The Spot Healing Brush Tool
    • The Patch Tool
    • Content-Aware Move Tool
    • Content-Aware Fill
    • Red Eye Tool
    • Copying Pixels Manually
    • Choosing the Right Tool
    • Mixing and Matching Tools
    • Dust and Scratches Filter
  • Chapter 3 - Image Corrections
    • Camera Raw as a Filter
    • Noise Reduction
    • Removing Chromatic Aberrations
    • Crop and Rotate
    • Lens Distortion Correction
    • Perspective Correction
    • Fixing Color Contamination
    • Strong Color Cast Removal

Creating Composite Images in Photoshop

  • Chapter 1 - Basic Concepts
    • Key Concepts
    • Know What You're In For
    • Layering Images within Photoshop
    • Layering Images from Bridge
    • Layering Images from Lightroom
    • Adjusting Canvas Size
    • Arranging Image Layers
    • Aligning Layers
    • Using Smart Objects
    • Which Layer to Mask?
  • Chapter 2 - Masking Without a Mask
    • "Blend If" Sliders
    • Clipping Group
    • Masking Based on Text
    • Adding a Shape Layer
  • Chapter 3 - Automatic Composite Images
    • Creating a Composite Panorama
    • Creating a Hight Dynamic Range Image
    • Composite Depth of Field
  • Chapter 4 - Creating Composite Images
    • Painting to Combine Images
    • A Simple Selection-Based Mask
    • Adding a Masked Solid Color Layer
    • The Best Approach for Feathering
    • Creating a Gradient Mask
    • Adding a Text Layer
    • Text on a Path
  • Chapter 5 - Improving Your Masks
    • Evaluating the Layer Mask
    • Refining a Layer Mask
    • Dust and Scratches for Mask Cleanup
    • Transforming a Masked Image
    • Unlinking Image and Mask
  • Chapter 6 - Fine-Tuning your Composites
    • Mixing and Matching Techniques
    • Inverting a Mask
    • Dodging and Burning a Mask
    • Multiple Adjustments in One Area
    • Working with Multiple Adjustment Masks
    • Dealing with Difficult Masks
    • Duplicating a Mask
    • Challenge of Inverting a Mask
    • Adding Layer Effects
    • Layer versus Fill Opacity

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