About This Bundle

New Content for Lightroom Classic 11!

The "Mastering Lightroom Classic" bundle includes comprehensive courses to help you master a workflow for organizing, optimizing, and sharing your photos using Adobe Lightroom Classic.

This bundle includes courses on "Organizing Photos in Lightroom Classic" and "Optimizing Photos in Lightroom Classic". In addition, a new "Lightroom Lectures" course has been added. This newest addition to the bundle features comprehensive lessons on sharing photos via export, printing photos, creating slideshows, and sharing photos online. It also includes a lesson on configuring the Lightroom Classic interface.

While the core topics are thoroughly covered with the lessons in this bundle, more content will still be added soon!

New lessons have been added on the powerful and significant updates to how targeted adjustments are applied in Lightroom Classic 11, as well as on changes to how metadata is updated with this new version. Additional long-form lessons on organizing and optimizing photos will be added soon, as will lessons on catalog management, better understanding Lightroom Classic, and more.

Mastering Lightroom Classic

Adobe Lightroom Classic is a powerful tool for organizing, optimizing, and sharing photos. Tim Grey uses Lightroom Classic to manage his catalog of more than 400,000 images (and growing!).

The Mastering Lightroom Classic bundle of video training courses will help you learn to truly understand and use Lightroom Classic for all aspects of your workflow. It already includes almost 20 hours of educational video lessons, and more content is in production and will be published soon!

A Trusted Educator

For more than 20 years Tim has been helping photographers optimize their photography and workflow. He has authored eighteen books and hundreds of magazine articles that have been published in Digital Photo Pro, Outdoor Photographer, and other publications. He is sought out to present at some of the biggest photography events, and leads workshops worldwide. In short, he knows his stuff! Perhaps even better, Tim is highly regarded as a top educator, providing clear guidance on subjects that can sometimes be a bit complex. He has put all of his experience into producing this informative bundle of educational courses.

Total Duration: 19 Hours and 33 Minutes (with more content in production!)

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