About This Course

In this course Tim Grey uses the remarkable city of Venice, Italy, as the subject of a series of photographs, with an emphasis on composition. Along the way you'll learn some of the key concepts that can help you in composing photographs in a variety of situations, and get a better sense of how to approach challenging photographic situations.

Total Duration: 36 Minutes

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1

    • Introduction (1:25)

    • Lesson 1: Boats on the Grand Canal (3:02)

    • Lesson 2: In Search of a Quaint Scene (8:40)

    • Lesson 3: Waiting for a Boat (4:24)

    • Lesson 4: Reflections on the Water (5:27)

    • Lesson 5: A Night Scene (6:42)

    • Lesson 6: Gondolas in Motion (6:25)

  • 2


    • Video Download (1.61GB ZIP File)

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