About This Course

Planning can help you create better photographic images, and that is especially true when you want to employ the sun or moon in your photography. This course will help you plan great photos with the sun and the moon, using The Photographer's Ephemeris, which is an app available through a web browser or mobile device that enables you to plan photos based on the position of the sun and moon.

Whether you want to include the sun or moon in a photograph, or you simply need to know the direction or availability of sunlight, this course can help.

Guiding you through the use of The Photographer's Ephemeris, along with additional tools, you'll learn how to plan photos based on the timing and position of the sun and moon.

You'll learn how to anticipate specific celestial events, how to determine the timing of your photos, and how to select the best position from which to photograph, using The Photographer's Ephemeris along with additional tools.

With the lessons you'll learn in this video course, you'll be able to plan your photography with confidence, knowing exactly where the sun and moon will appear at any given time. The result will be great photographs with the help of thoughtful planning.

Total Duration: 1 Hour

Course Curriculum

    1. Introduction (1:21)

    1. Lesson 1: A Quick Overview (2:14)

    2. Lesson 2: Understanding the Interface (1:38)

    3. Lesson 3: Browser versus App (2:16)

    4. Lesson 4: View Options (1:41)

    5. Lesson 5: Researching Celestial Events (2:22)

    6. Lesson 6: Setting the Date (2:15)

    7. Lesson 7: Setting the Initial Location (2:43)

    8. Lesson 8: Bookmarking Locations (3:21)

    9. Lesson 9: Plot Lines and Timing (3:39)

    10. Lesson 10: Map Display Options (2:48)

    11. Lesson 11: Previewing with Street View (2:37)

    12. Lesson 12: Sun and Moon Movement (3:56)

    13. Lesson 13: Visibility Above Terrain (6:33)

    14. Lesson 14: Checking the Weather (4:01)

    15. Lesson 15: Current Sun and Moon Position (3:27)

    1. Lesson 1: Lighthouse Sunset (2:45)

    2. Lesson 2: Roman Sunset (3:35)

    3. Lesson 3: Moonset in the Palouse (4:10)

    4. Lesson 4: Moonrise in Rome (3:58)

    5. Lesson 5: "Manhattanhenge" (4:17)

    1. Video Download (1.22GB ZIP File)

About this course

  • $19.00
  • 22 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

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