About This Course

In this course you'll join Tim Grey as he visits some of his favorite spots to photograph in Rome, Italy. Photographic subjects will include major attractions as well as hidden corners of this remarkable layered city. Along the way you'll gain insights into ways you might think about the approach to a subject, regardless of where you are photographing.

Total Duration: 45 Minutes

Course Curriculum

    1. Introduction (1:49)

    2. Lesson 1: An Elevated Viewpoint (8:18)

    3. Lesson 2: Unexpected Changes (3:25)

    4. Lesson 3: A Challenge Indoors (3:12)

    5. Lesson 4: Photo through a Keyhole (4:41)

    6. Lesson 5: Finding Details (3:20)

    7. Lesson 6: An Overlook at Night (4:40)

    8. Lesson 7: The Colosseum at Night (4:16)

    9. Lesson 8: Finding a Vantage Point (10:56)

    1. Video Download (1.99 GB ZIP File)

About this course

  • $19.00
  • 10 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

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