Online Workshop: Color Management and Printing

Online Workshop: Color Management and Printing

Learn to Ensure Accurate and Consistent Color for Your Photos | taught by Tim Grey

Course description

Gain confidence with a color-managed workflow revolving around Adobe Photoshop, so you can ensure accurate and consistent color for your photos. Along the way you'll have direct access to Tim Grey so you can get answers to your specific questions.

NOTE: If you'd also like to join Tim Grey to learn how to optimize photos in Adobe Photoshop, you might be interested in registering for both online workshops being offered in July 2020. Get the details here:

Color Confidence

Color management can be a confusing and frustrating topic for photographers to deal with, but this online workshop will give you confidence to achieve consistent and accurate colors in your photos for printing and digital sharing.

In this four-part live online workshop experience, you'll learn to use a proper color-managed workflow, focused on Adobe Photoshop and a variety of supplemental tools.

Along the way, you'll be able to get your questions answered by Tim Grey during the live sessions or via email.

The four live online sessions will take place during the month of July 2020. Each session will be approximately two hours in duration. All sessions will be recorded, so that photographers who register for this workshop can view (and download) the session recordings anytime at their convenience.

Virtual Classroom Sessions

The live online sessions will be as follows:

  • Color Management Concepts
    Tuesday, July 7, 2020
    12:00pm to 2:00pm Eastern Time

  • Configuration and Setup
    Tuesday, July 14, 2020
    12:00pm to 2:00pm Eastern Time

  • Optimal Color Processing
    Tuesday, July 21, 2020
    12:00pm to 2:00pm Eastern Time

  • Printing and Sharing
    Tuesday, July 28, 2020
    12:00pm to 2:00pm Eastern Time

What's Included

This online workshop experience includes:

  • Four 2-hour live online interactive workshop sessions
  • Access to recordings of all sessions you can watch (or download) anytime
  • Ability to submit questions during the live sessions
  • Option to submit follow-up questions via email

Session Details

During the four live online sessions included in this online workshop, you'll gain conficence in your ability to use a color-managed workflow for consistent and accurate results with your photos. Here are details of the topics covered in each session:

Color Management Concepts

This session will provide you with a foundation of knowledge to help ensure you understand color management in the context of a photography workflow. Topics will include:

  • An overview of color management
  • What profiles are, and the critical role they play in your workflow
  • The importance of bit depth and color spaces
  • Different ways we describe color
  • Key concepts to understand to ensure a successful color-managed workflow
  • And more

Configuration and Setup

This session will focus on getting your overall setup optimized, including software configuration, display calibration, and more. Topics will include:

  • Calibrating your monitor display
  • Using a calibration target image to confirm accuracy
  • Understanding optimal viewing conditions
  • Color settings in your camera
  • And more

Optimal Color Processing

This session will focus on helping you optimize the appearance of your photos while ensuring color accuracy. Topics will include:

  • Color management for processing raw captures
  • Techniques for ensuring optimal color in your photos
  • Tricks for reviewing colors to confirm accuracy
  • The best way to create black and white images in a color-managed workflow
  • And more

Printing and Sharing

This session will focus on sharing your photos with accurate color. Topics will include:

  • Preparing photos for digital output
  • Sending images to be printed by others
  • Final adjustments to apply before sharing photos
  • Compensating for printer behavior in terms of tone and color
  • And more

Have Questions?

If you have questions about this live online workshop experience, please email Tim Grey at

Please Note: This is a live online workshop experience with direct access to Tim Grey, providing a valuable opportunity to get your specific questions answered. This workshop is not included in the GreyLearning Ultimate Bundle.

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