About This Course

While photography involves the capture of light, that doesn't mean the sun needs to be up for great photography. In this course you'll get a variety of tips to help you improve your night photography, so your photographic fun can continue after dark.

Total Duration: 30 Minutes

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1

    • Lesson 1: Preparing for Night Photography (2:59)

    • Lesson 2: Accessories for Night Photography (4:32)

    • Lesson 3: Exposure Challenges (5:03)

    • Lesson 4: Setting Exposure (5:03)

    • Lesson 5: Noise at Night (3:25)

    • Lesson 6: Long Exposures (3:03)

    • Lesson 7: Experiment and Have Fun (3:43)

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    • Video Download (1.23GB ZIP File)

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