About This Course

Learn to use all the great features of your iPhone to capture amazing photos and videos!

It has often been said that the best camera is the one you actually have with you. For many photographers the camera we carry most consistently is an iPhone. The iPhone is a sophisticated device that can perform a variety of tasks, including capturing beautiful photos and videos.

I’ve found that many photographers are not aware of the many simple yet powerful features available in the Camera app for the iPhone. In this course, I’m going to help you better understand all of the features that make the iPhone a great camera. I’ll also show you some great shortcuts to make capturing photos with the iPhone more convenient and enjoyable.

In addition, you'll learn some of the more advanced capture options, such as ways you can speed up or slow down time when recording a video. And I’ll show you a variety of creative ways you can use the iPhone to capture photos and videos you’ll be proud of--and that will impress your friends and family!

So, if like me you carry an iPhone just about everywhere you go, and you enjoy capturing photos and videos, this is the course for you. I invite you to join me as I explore the incredible Palouse region of eastern Washington State with my iPhone in hand, helping you learn to make the most of the iPhone for capturing great photos and videos.

You'll Learn:

  • Tips for quickly getting to the Camera app and capturing photos with your iPhone.
  • Configuration options for the iPhone Camera app.
  • How to use all of the capture modes available in the iPhone Camera app.
  • The three video "speed" options you can choose from.
  • How to adjust (and even lock) the exposure for your photos.
  • What a "Live Photo" is, and how you can add creative effects with this special capture option.
  • And much more! (See the full course index below.)

Total Duration: 58 Minutes

Course Curriculum

    1. Course Introduction (1:49)

    1. Lesson 1: Getting to the Camera (2:13)

    2. Lesson 2: Cleaning the Lenses (1:25)

    3. Lesson 3: Camera Settings (5:34)

    4. Lesson 4: Using Grid Lines (1:19)

    5. Lesson 5: Basic Capture Options (1:51)

    6. Lesson 6: How to Hold your iPhone (1:08)

    1. Lesson 1: Switching Camera Modes (2:06)

    2. Lesson 2: Reviewing a Photo (0:58)

    3. Lesson 3: Square Captures (1:33)

    4. Lesson 4: Selfie Mode (2:00)

    5. Lesson 5: Portrait Mode (1:39)

    6. Lesson 6: Capturing a Panorama (3:13)

    7. Lesson 7: Vertical Panoramas (2:25)

    8. Lesson 8: Video Captures (1:50)

    9. Lesson 9: Stills During Video (2:06)

    10. Lesson 10: Time-Lapse Videos (2:23)

    11. Lesson 11: Slow Motion Videos (1:49)

    12. Lesson 12: Live Photos (1:46)

    1. Lesson 1: Zooming In and Out (1:43)

    2. Lesson 2: Applying an Effect During Capture (1:33)

    3. Lesson 3: Adjusting Overall Exposure (2:04)

    4. Lesson 4: Locking the Exposure (2:31)

    5. Lesson 5: Capturing a Burst of Photos (2:38)

    6. Lesson 6: Using Flash (2:42)

    7. Lesson 7: HDR Mode to Reduce Contrast (2:39)

    8. Lesson 8: Using a Tripod (2:10)

    9. Lesson 9: Delayed Capture with a Timer (1:27)

    1. Download 1 (507MB ZIP File)

    2. Download 2 (883MB ZIP File)

    3. Download 3 (720MB ZIP File)

About this course

  • $19.00
  • 31 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

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