Planning a Photo Trip

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Presentation Topics:

  • Gear Planning
  • Virtual Location Scouting
  • Planning for the Sun
  • Workflow Without a Laptop
  • Helpful Mobile Apps

When photography involves traveling near or far, it is important to plan ahead to ensure you are prepared for the best photographic experience. That includes planning what gear to bring with you and what to leave behind, researching the details of key locations and subjects to seek out, being prepared for factors such as the weather and timing of sunrise and sunset, and much more.

Tim Grey has visited and photographed in all 50 states in the United States and more than 65 countries around the world, so he has considerable experience with photography on the go. During this GreyLearning Ultimate Event he'll share the lessons he's learned along the way, and provide valuable tips for planning a great photo trip.

Presentation Details

Tim Grey will share tips and techniques to help you plan a successful and organized photo trip with presentations on the following topics:

Gear Planning: Get tips for figuring out what gear to bring with you, and what can probably be left behind, based on the type of photography you'll be doing during the trip. You'll get insights into how to choose which cameras and lenses to bring, and which accessories might be most helpful. Tim will also share recommendations for the types of backpacks or camera bags you might consider for a given trip.

Virtual Location Scouting: Learn some of the ways you can plan the specific details of a photo trip from the comfort of your own home. See how you can get a virtual look at many locations around the world, and get tips on planning the overall trip and photographic outings based on the location you'll visit. Tim will also share tips based on his extensive experience planning photography workshops at locations around the world.

Planning for the Sun: In photography sometimes timing is everything, and that can certainly be true when it comes to the timing of sunrise and sunset. In this presentation Tim will share tips for planning for the specific timing and position of the sun, for both making sure you'll have light on your subject and being able to include the sun in the frame and possibly aligned with a key subject.

Workflow Without a Laptop: If you'd like to travel particularly light, this session will help you plan a workflow that doesn't require a laptop. You'll see how it is possible to travel with no additional storage devices other than memory cards, as well as how you can use a lightweight mobile device for storing photos on the go.

Helpful Mobile Apps: There are countless apps available for mobile devices, and in this presentation Tim will share the apps that he has found most helpful when traveling with a camera, for both domestic and international trips.