Backing Up Your Photos

Live Online Event
Wednesday, May 17, 2023
1pm to 5pm Eastern Time

NOTE: This live online event has concluded, but the recordings of all presentations from the event are available.

Join Tim Grey for a half day of live online presentations during a GreyLearning Ultimate Event focused on "Backing Up Your Photos".

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How to Watch

The live online presentation will stream right here within the "GreyLearning Ultimate Event: Backing Up Your Photos (May 2023)" course. To watch the live presentation simply sign in on the GreyLearning website, and then go to the "My Dashboard" page to find this course. You can also follow this link to go directly to the course after signing in, clicking the "Resume Course" button to view the presentations:

Presentation Topics

  • Backup Best Practices
  • Synchronized Photo Backup
  • Online and Offsite Backup
  • Lightroom Classic Catalog Backup
  • Backing Up Smartphone Photos
  • Recovering from Failure

As photographers our photos are obviously important to us. But are you doing your best to keep your photos safe? Would a hard drive failure represent a devastating loss, or just a minor inconvenience?

This GreyLearning Ultimate Event on "Backing Up Your Photos" will help you create a backup workflow that will give you confidence that your photos are protected. Hard drives inevitably fail, but their failure doesn't need to result in lost photos.

The live online event will kick off on Wednesday, May 17th, at 1:00pm Eastern Time (10am Pacific Time), and will conclude at 5pm Eastern Time (2pm Pacific Time). Recordings of all sessions will be available to those who are registered for the event.

Presentation Details

Tim Grey will share tips and techniques to help you create a backup workflow that will keep your photos safe. With a strong workflow in place you'll have the confidence of knowing you can easily recover from a hard drive failure or other data loss, without losing a single photo. The event will include presentations on the following topics:

Backup Best Practices: Get an overview of the key features of an excellent backup workflow. Following the recommendations included in this presentation will help ensure you can be completely confident in your backup workflow.

Synchronized Photo Backup: Learn how you can create a backup copy of an external hard drive that is an exact match of the original. In other words, with this approach when a hard drive fails you can just replace the failed drive with a backup drive.

Online and Offsite Backup: To help ensure you can overcome the loss of multiple hard drives, you can store a backup copy of your photos at a remote location. This presentation will demonstrate some of the options for achieving exactly that.

Lightroom Classic Catalog Backup: If you're using Lightroom Classic to manage your photos, the catalog contains considerable important information about your photos, including metadata updates, adjustments you've applied, and more. In this presentation you'll learn how to protect your catalog so you never lose any of the information about your photos.

Backing Up Smartphone Photos: Many photographers use a smartphone to capture photos in addition to their primary camera. This can create a challenge when it comes to backing up the photos that accumulate on your smartphone. This session will provide solutions for making sure your smartphone photos are part of your normal workflow, including being backed up along with all other photos.

Recovering from Failure: Hard drives inevitably fail, and other issues can lead to data loss. This presentation will demonstrate the ways you can recover from those failures with relative ease.