Learn to master the use of Adobe Lightroom Classic to organize and optimize your photos, with direct access to Tim Grey so you can get answers to your specific questions along the way.

NOTE: This bundle includes online workshops focused on both organizing and optimizing your photos. The individual online workshops are priced at US$99 each, but you can get both for just $149 with this bundle.

Optimize Your Workflow

In this set of two live online workshop experiences, you'll learn to master the use of Adobe Lightroom Classic to organize and optimize your photos. Along the way, get your questions answered during the live sessions or via email.

The eight live online sessions (four per workshop) will take place during the month of April 2020. Each session will be approximately two hours in duration. All sessions will be recorded, so that photographers who register for these workshops can view (and download) the session recordings anytime at their convenience.

This online workshop is about more than just understanding how Lightroom Classic works. You'll get tips on how to structure your overall workflow, gain insights into workflow options that might help you streamline your own process, and be able to get answers to your specific questions related to organizing and optimizing your photos using Adobe Lightroom Classic.

Virtual Classroom Sessions

The live online sessions will be as follows:

  • Finding Scenes and Composing Photos
    Monday, May 4, 2020
    12:00pm to 2:00pm Eastern Time

  • Confidence with Exposure
    Monday, May 11, 2020
    12:00pm to 2:00pm Eastern Time

  • Exercising Creativity
    Monday, May 18, 2020
    12:00pm to 2:00pm Eastern Time

  • Putting it All Together
    Monday, May 25, 2020
    12:00pm to 2:00pm Eastern Time

What's Included

This online workshop bundle includes:

  • Eight 2-hour live online interactive workshop sessions (four for each of the two online workshops)
  • Access to recordings of all sessions you can watch (or download) anytime
  • Ability to submit questions during the live sessions
  • Option to submit follow-up questions and images for critique via email

Session Details: Virtual Photo Workshop


During the four live online sessions included in this online workshop, you'll have a virtual photo workshop experience, learning to master the technical and creative aspects of photography, and building confidence along the way. Here are details of the topics covered in each session:

Finding Scenes and Composing Photos

This session will give you a behind-the-scenes look at how Tim finds the best locations and subjects, and then how to create great compositions of those scenes. Topics will include:

  • Planning a photo trip or outing in terms of subjects to visit and photograph.
  • Making plans based on weather conditions, expected lighting conditions, and even the location of the moon.
  • Determining where to position yourself.
  • Tips for great compositions.
  • Common mistakes to avoid.

Confidence with Exposure

In this session you'll revisit the concepts and practical application of photographic exposure, so you can gain confidence in your ability to get optimal exposures for every photo. This will include:

  • The ingredients of a photographic exposure.
  • "Reading" the exposure of a scene.
  • Compensating for conditions that will "trick" your camera's meter.
  • Camera settings to make proper exposure easier.
  • Techniques for guaranteeing a good exposure.
  • Maximizing detail in a photo.

Exercising Creativity

Photography is about much more than the technicalities of exposure or the rules of composition. You also want to exercise your own unique creative vision for the scene you are photographing. This session will cover:

  • How camera settings affect the creative impact of a photo.
  • Techniques for creating more eye-catching photos with the right creative touch.
  • Composition ideas to make your photos stand out.
  • Exercises to help you improve your creative eye.

Putting it All Together

This session will bring together all of the lessons from the prior sessions to help you round out your knowledge and creativity, with topics that will include:

  • Choosing how to approach a given photographic subject.
  • Dealing with specific scenarios that create challenges for a single photographic image.
  • Mistakes to avoid when using specific gear or photographing particular subjects.
  • How to be thorough and mindful in your photography, without stifling your creativity.

Have Questions?

If you have questions about this live online workshop experience, please email Tim Grey at [email protected].

Please Note: This is a live online workshop experience with direct access to Tim Grey, providing a valuable opportunity to get your specific questions answered. This workshop is not included in the GreyLearning Ultimate Bundle.