Clean Up Your Mess in Lightroom!

In his Master Course for "Cleaning Up Your Mess in Lightroom", Tim Grey shows you how to bring order to the chaos that many photographers have created with their workflow in Adobe Lightroom. With this course you'll learn how to:

  • Merge multiple catalogs into a single "master" catalog
  • Locate (and reconnect) missing folders and photos
  • Consolidate and reorganize your folders
  • Resolve metadata mismatches
  • And much more! (See below for a full table of contents)

Total Bundle Duration: 9 Hours

In short, Tim will help you resolve the challenges that many photographers face within Lightroom. Along the way he'll guide you through the process of defining your approach to cleaning up your mess in Lightroom, and help you make some of the decisions about an improved organizational workflow moving forward.

Exclusive Live Webinar Sessions!

Tim Grey will present a series of exclusive live webinar sessions, only for those enrolled in the "Cleaning Up Your Mess in Lightroom" video course. The webinar presentations will focus on specific challenges and questions submitted by photographers who are working on cleaning up their mess and streamlining their workflow in Lightroom. All enrolled students will receive an invitation via email with details of how to join each live webinar presentation, and a recording of the webinar will be added to this "Cleaning Up Your Mess in Lightroom" bundle.

Special Bonus Content

In addition to the "Cleaning Up Your Mess in Lightroom" course featuring over five hours of educational content, this special bundle also includes two additional video courses to help you truly understand Lightroom and configure it to your liking. Those special bonus courses are "Understanding Lightroom" (normally $19), "Configuring Lightroom" (normally $29), and "Tim's Real Organizational Workflow" (normally $19). That's $67 in bonus content value for free!

NOTE:If you are a subscriber to the GreyLearning Ultimate Bundle you already have access to this course at no additional cost. Not already a subscriber of the GreyLearning Ultimate Bundle? You can learn more about it here.

Course Intro Video

Course Contents

Here is a table of contents for the "Cleaning Up Your Mess in Lightroom" course, so you can get a better sense of the topics that will be covered:

Chapter 1 - Concepts and Preparation
  1. Chapter Intro
  2. Finding Someone to Help You
  3. Three Rules for Getting Started
  4. What Got Us Into This Mess?
  5. Should You Give Up on Lightroom?
  6. Should You Just Start Over?
  7. Define Your Real Workflow
  8. Our Organizational Goal
  9. How Should Folders be Named?
  10. Preparing an Inventory
  11. Label Your Drives
  12. Backup Everything
  13. Fix your Catalog Backup Settings
  14. How Long Will This Take?
Chapter 2 - Finding Missing Photos and Folders
  1. Chapter Intro
  2. Avoiding Subfolder Confusion
  3. Avoiding Storage Location Confusion
  4. What is a Missing Photo?
  5. Reconnect Missing Folders
  6. Checking for Missing Photos
  7. Locate Missing Photos
  8. A Missing Photo Challenge
  9. Scavenger Hunt for Missing Photos
  10. Synchronizing to Recover Photos
  11. Removing Unrecoverable Photos
  12. Confirming No Photos Are Missing
Chapter 3 - Consolidating and Organizing
  1. Chapter Intro
  2. Updating an Older Catalog
  3. Transferring Photos with a Catalog
  4. Consolidate Your Catalogs
  5. Consolidate Photo Storage
  6. Rename Your Master Catalog
  7. Merge Folders Together
  8. Cleaning Up Date-Based Folders
  9. Finding and Removing Duplicates
Chapter 4 - Organizational Cleanup
  1. Chapter Intro
  2. Renaming Folders
  3. Split Photos to Multiple Folders
  4. Grouping Similar Folders
  5. Deleting Outtakes (or Not)
  6. Renaming Photos
  7. Removing Unnecessary Collections
  8. Tidying Up Collections
  9. Managing Storage on Multiple Drives
Chapter 5 - Lightroom Housekeeping
  1. Chapter Intro
  2. Getting Rid of Old Catalogs
  3. Deleting Old Catalog Backups
  4. Cleaning Up Export Presets
  5. Removing Develop Presets
  6. Removing "Extra" Virtual Copies
  7. Deleting Unused Keywords
  8. Removing Saved Projects
Chapter 6 - Correcting Metadata
  1. Chapter Intro
  2. Updating and Replacing a Metadata Preset
  3. Correcting Capture Time
  4. Configuring Color Labels
  5. Resolving Color Label Mismatches
  6. Replacing Pick and Reject Flags
  7. Updating Star Rating Strategy
  8. Correcting Keyword Spelling Errors
  9. Reviewing Keyword Strategy
  10. Resolving Metadata Mismatches
  11. Adding or Correcting GPS Metadata
  12. Saving Metadata to Photos
Chapter 7 - Wrapping Up
  1. Chapter Intro
  2. Your First Import After Cleanup
  3. Importing to Date-Based Folders
  4. Migrating to a New Hard Drive
  5. Finding your Photos
  6. Be Consistent (and Organized)
Bonus Webinars
  1. Defining Your Organizational Workflow Webinar
  2. Many Ways to Find Your Photos
  3. Lightroom