Got a mess in your Lightroom Classic catalog?

Get One-on-One Help Directly from Tim Grey!

With the "Lightroom Cleanup One-on-One" bundle, you'll get everything you need to clean up your Lightroom Classic catalog once and for all, including:

  • Video Courses to Help You Truly Understand Lightroom Classic
  • Video Courses to Help You Define and Configure Your Lightroom Classic Workflow
  • Tim's Popular "Cleaning Up Your Mess in Lightroom Classic" Video Course
  • Direct Support via Email for Three Months!

Note that all video courses included in this bundle can be accessed for an unlimited time. This is not a subscription service, but a one-time purchase that includes videos you can view online or download to your computer or mobile device for your indefinite use.

As part of the "Lightroom Cleanup One-on-One" bundle, you'll gain access to all of the video courses and webinar recordings that are included in the "Mastering Lightroom" Bundle. That's more than 19 hours of video lessons, with more content added regularly.

Unlimited Email Support for Three Months

The real benefit of the "Lightroom Cleanup One-on-One" bundle, of course, is the direct access you'll have to Tim so you can get answers to your questions and guidance on the process of getting your Lightroom catalog cleaned up.

When you sign up for this bundle, you'll gain immediate access to the full collection of video training courses covering Lightroom. More importantly, you'll have direct access to Tim Grey via email. You'll be able to outline the current state of your Lightroom catalog and workflow, and Tim will provide recommendations, guidance, and answers, so you can clean up your Lightroom catalog with confidence.

And if the need arises, Tim can also connect with you online so you can share your screen and clarify the issues you're facing.

In other words, Tim will be focused on helping you succeed at organizing your Lightroom catalog and overall workflow.

Get Started Today

If you'd like to restore order to your Lightroom catalog, and gain confidence in your workflow, now is the time to sign up. This bundle is only available for a limited time. So, sign up today, gain immediate access to the video training lessons, and email your questions to Tim directly at